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Industry News

Regional Queensland irrigation management bill passes

The Queensland Parliament has passed legislation that would allow irrigators in rural communities to manage their own water schemes in the future.

23rd Feb 17

Toro Australia promotes Laurence Bingham to Director of Sales & Market

Toro Australia, a leading manufacturer and supplier of irrigation, turf care and garden maintenance equipment, has promoted Laurence Bingham to the role of National Director of Sales and Marketing.

23rd Feb 17
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Upcoming Events

Irrigation Essentials School - Darwin

Irrigation Australia has updated their industry renowned 6 day “Irrigation Essentials School“ content to cover 11 competencies out of the 14 required to fulfil Certificate III in Irrigation. Students can now achieve their qualification more timely by undertaking some online content prior to the commencement of the course. The other remaining competencies required to complete a full “Certificate III in Irrigation” can be achieved through workplace assessment or by providing evidence of previous assessments completed for other competencies within the “Certificate III in Irrigation” framework. Time taken to complete the full qualification will depend on each individual students prior experience and previous qualifications.

13-18 March 2017

Meter Validation & Installation Training - Ayr QLD

Meter Validation and Installation 2 day Training - Ayr Anzac Memorial Club, Ayr QLD

3 & 4 April 2017

Meter Validation & Installation Training - Mackay QLD

Meter Validation and Installation 2 day Training - Harrup Park Country Club - Mackay QLD

6 & 7 April 2017
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News Links

Ancient humans arrived in South America in multiple waves

Paleoamericans share a last common ancestor with modern native South Americans outside, rather than inside, the Americas and new findings underscore the importance of looking at both genetic and morphological evidence, each revealing different aspects of the human story, to help unravel our species' history.

25th Feb 17

More virus infection, please

Scientists have generated a new plasmid-based reverse genetics system for rotaviruses.

25th Feb 17
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