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Certified Meter Installer & Validator Workshop

Certified Meter Installer & Validator Workshop


The 'Free to Attend' Certified Meter Installer & Validator Workshop will be held at the Irrigation Australia Conference and is designed to keep CMIs/DQPs up to date on matters relating to their certification. Registrations are essential. Attending CMIs will receive 2 CPD points.

The Metering Workshop Program will include:

  • Update on Metering Training, CPD Points and Renewal Exam - Feedback from CMIs will be welcome in this session. 
  • Update on metering regulations (NSW, QLD & SA governments will be invited) - this is an opportunity for CMIs to talk directly with regulators. 
  • NSW DQP Portal - hear from WaterNSW about the DQP Portal and have an opportunity to provide your feedback
  • Presentations from LID & Telemetry suppliers 
  • The Pattern Approval Process - hear from UNISA about the process and testing that meters must pass to become pattern approved to AS4747
  • Pattern Approval Certificates - how to read and understand PA Certificates and disturbance types
  • In-Situ Flow testing - options available for CMIs 
  • Rubicon will present information on their new pattern approved meter for open channel measurement
  • Presentations from suppliers of pattern approved meters - some will be available to visit in the exhibition that commences the next day. 
  • Field visit to UNISA testing laboratory - transport provided 



Tuesday, 04 October 2022
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
2.00 CPD Points