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Leading the industry for a sustainable development

The purpose of the Certification Board is to provide governance of and a quality assurance process for the IAL’s Certification program this includes establishing, periodically reviewing, and managing processes related to:

  • Code of Conduct for all IAL Certification holders
  • Screening new entrance to the Certification program
  • Certification of Continuing Professional Development requirements for all IAL’s Certifications;
  • A disputes resolution process to resolve disputes between Certified Irrigation Professionals and clients, including communications to each party involved in a dispute;
  • A disciplinary process, to enable a systematic, consistent and formalised response to breaches of the Code of Conduct by IAL Certification holders – and where the disputes process enables a right of appeal to the IAL Board;
  • Peer review or audit of Certification holders; and
  • Auditing of IAL processes for issuing, recording and promoting Certifications.
  • Developing and implementing any other policy, procedure and systems that may be necessary to ensure and protect the integrity of the IAL’s Certification framework, and individual IAL Certification holders.
  • Consider and endorse, reject or amend recommendations made to it by the IAL Professional Development Committee in relation to the IAL Certification program.
  • Periodic review of the skills and knowledge required for each certification.


Gennaro has been involved in the design and specification of agricultural, greenhouse and landscape irrigation systems within Australia and New Zealand for the past 16 years for a broad variety of crops and irrigation systems. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of project management, technical leadership, irrigation system design, specification, CAD technology, Irricad Pro irrigation design software and GIS mapping and data management. He was also appointed chairman of the Irrigation Australia Certification board for his experience and knowledge in the area of irrigation system design and certification.

Peter has over 40 years’ experience in the irrigation industry. Peter has designed a variety of irrigation systems for horticultural and other urban and rural projects. Peter also is an instructor and a course writer with the Swinburne University of Technology. Peter has a wealth of industry related qualifications including a Master degree in Sustainable Practices from RMIT. He is also working towards a a Master of Engineering specialising in Sustainable Energy. Beside his education, Peter is a Certified Irrigation Designer with Irrigation Australia and a member of its certification board with the goal of improving the industry sustainable practices.

Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the irrigation industry. Peter is currently the Principal of Water Wise Consulting providing water infrastructure consultancy. Peter specialise in the design of irrigation and water management systems for the landscape and sports turf industries in the public, private sectors, domestic and golf sectors. Peter has been a member of the IAL for over ten years and is also a current member of IAL’s Certification Board. Previously, Peter has taught TAFE irrigation modules and was a guest speaker at the 2014 IAL Gold Coast national conference.

Peter has a wealth of experience in the irrigation industry gained from over 30 years of field work and education. Peter is currently the principal consultant with Sapphire Irrigation Consulting. Before that, he held a variety of roles with the DPI, NSW Agriculture and Fisheries, NSW Water Resources Commissions and many others. Peter has been involved in many successful projects including the upgrading of on-farm irrigation infrastructure in the northern Murray-Darling Basin. Peter holds a Diploma of Applied Science, Graduate Diploma in Agriculture, and Master’s Degree in of Education. Peter holds a strong vision of developing the industry practices by expanding the Certification program framework and scope.

Jim has spent over 36 years in the irrigation industry building a broad knowledge of irrigation design, installation, services and sales. Jim is currently the Managing Director of JP Water. Before venturing JP Water, Jim has been involved in many successful projects in the Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining sectors. He has an extensive knowledge of Drip Irrigation, landscape irrigation, and pumping systems within harsh environments. Jim holds a Diploma of Irrigation, Diploma of Small Business Management and he is currently an IAL Certified Irrigation Agronomist. Jim is committed to improving the quality of irrigation designs to meet the water efficiency challenges we are facing.


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