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Become a certified irrigation Professional


Certified Irrigation Designers (CIDs) are professionals who use their knowledge of plants, soils and hydraulics to develop efficient and cost effective irrigation system designs which adequately meet a client's requirements.


IAL Certified Irrigation Designers have the technical expertise and an up-to-date understanding of the latest water management practices to design, install, manage and maintain a wide variety of irrigation systems. Customers, companies and government agencies trust IAL Certified Irrigation Designers to:

  • Design efficient irrigation systems that improve water efficiency and reduce waste
  • Apply best practice to agriculture, commercial, or residential irrigation system
  • Bring a tested and vetted professional to your irrigation project
  • Manage commercial and residential spaces that will flourish in your climate
  • Ensure all federal, state and local regulatory standards are being met
  • Work with a dedicated professional, committed to advancing their knowledge

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About the Program

The Certified Irrigation Designer program is owned solely by Irrigation Association (US). All marking and grading of exams are done in the USA. IAL metricated the texts and the exam paper and organises exams in this country. Since 1996 IAL has had a place on the US IA Certification Board of Governors. This person represents the interests of Australian Certified Irrigation Designers at meetings of the Board of Governors in the USA. The Certification Program offers Certified Irrigation Designer Status under two general categories:

  1. Agricultural Irrigation: Drip/Micro Specialty | Surface Specialty | Sprinkler Specialty
  2. Landscape & Turf Irrigation: Golf Course Specialty | Commercial Specialty

to become a CID you have to pass the four following steps

1. Application & Determination of Eligibility

Minimum of one year experience in irrigation or a related field to apply to become a Certified Irrigation Designer.

Step 1 Application

2. Industry Pre-qualification Exam

After acceptance into the CID program, complete the Step 2 application form to sit the industry pre-qualification exam. You need to achieve a pass mark 70% to proceed to Step three.

Step 2 Application

3. General Exams

Minimum of 3 years industry experience is required to sit for the general Agriculture Irrigation OR Landscape/Turf Irrigation exam. You will need to achieve the pass mark of 65% to proceed to the fourth and last step.

Step 3 Application

4. Specialty Exams

Submit the Step 4 application form and achieve the pass mark of 70% in the speciality exam.

  • Agricultural Specialties: Drip-Micro Irrigation | Surface Irrigation | Sprinkler Irrigation.
  • Landscape/Turf Specialities: Commercial Irrigation | Golf Course Irrigation


Step 4 Application LT

If you haven't passed the exam for any reason you could apply to re-sit your exam at any time.

Resit Exam

Time Limits

You must complete your first Speciality exam within four (4) years of your Irrigation Industry Pre-qualification Exam. If you do not complete the Speciality exam within this period, you forfeit any examination fees paid and credit for any examinations previously and must start again and the Step 1 application.

Candidates with Disability

Please advise the IAL National Office at the time of registering if you believe you have a disability that will require special arrangements to take the exam. Such circumstances may be visual impairment, lack of mobility, etc. IAL Course and Exam conditions and cancellation policy



By requiring a regular re-certification process IAL is ensuring that certified personnel remain active in the industry and are keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date. People who demonstrate this by earning the required CPD points in the required timeframe will maintain their active status. Those failing to earn the required CPD points will be considered non-active.There are two different, though similar, sets of CPD guidelines, one set for Certified Irrigation Designers which are assessed annually and another for all remaining certifications, assessed every two years. IAL will conduct random audits of 5% of all CPD returns each year.

  • 10 points are needed each year no matter how many CID credentials you have. Points awarded above 10 (to a maximum of 10 points) can be accrued to the next year.
  • Renewal fee $135 including GST for Members, and $165 including GST for Non-members


To renew your Certification online, you will need to ADD ACTIVITY via the Member Centre. You can select from the drop down list and the relevant points will automatically be added to your CPD.

These activities will be approved and verified by IAL and upon reaching the minimum of 10 points over the 12 months, you will receive an email advising that you have met the criteria for renewal.

To actually RENEW for the coming 12 months - you log into the MEMBER centre and go to MANAGE MY MEMBERSHIPS to enable online renewal. You will also receive notification via email that your membership is due to expire with a renew now link.

Reminders will be sent periodically both before and after your renewal date.

We would prefer for all Certifications to be managed online via our new website but if you are experiencing difficulty, please contact the IAL office on 1800 949 891 or and we can assist with your renewal or CPD activity.

CPD point chart 2016

To manage your CPD activities and renew, you will need to log in as a member

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